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smartpay terms and conditions


Smartpay is only available to UK residents over 18 years old. A valid UK address and postcode along with a UK bank account and email address will be required when you sign up with GoCardless. We (Salon Le Bon) reserve the right to accept or refuse smartpay subscribers to our discretion. 


There is no fee for joining smartpay or for signing up for a GoCardless account. There is no set amount you have to pay with smartpay, you only pay what you want, when you want - either weekly or monthly. There is also no set duration for how long you have to pay, example: you may only pay £5 per week for 2 week's if that's want you want to do.


While paying with smartpay you are still eligible for any offers that we offer. There are also referral intensives for smartpay, the terms of those will be decided case by case.


If you wish to cancel your smartpay subscription, you can, at any time. If you have funds in your account you can either have them given to you in Salon Le Bon gift vouchers or leave them in your account to pay your next Salon Le Bon bill.


Smartpay is a payment option service offered by Salon Le Bon. Direct Debit payment are collected on behalf of Salon Le Bon by GoCardless. You will need a GoCardless account to join the smartpay service.


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Updated: 01//08/2015